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Detailed Guide to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a web service that can be better described as an essential SEO tool. This helps to check the indexing status of a website and to optimize the visibility of your website. Former in 2015, this service was mainly known as Webmaster Tools. And then with the change in the user interface, Google rebrands and introduced a completely new version in 2018, with the name of Google search console.

Though it’s a vital SEO tool, most of the people find this tool a bit complicated and scary at its first sight. This is a complete guide, where we will cover all the basics and practical tips that you need to know to start using Google search console.


What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is a free online tool that comes with a series of dashboards that show how your website is performing on the search engine.


What reports do we get from Google Search Console?

From Google Search Console, one can see devices, countries. And you can toggle to view the CTR, impressions, and rankings.

With reports we can get;

  • Whether your website has any backlinks?

  • Whether you have to adjust the URL parameter of your website?

  • Whether you need to implement any kind of redirects?

To be a little specific, from the dashboard, you can track;

Site performance report: It gives information about how many people have clicked on your website.

Coverage report: It gives the information on how your webpages are indexed on Google.

Enhancements report: Provide information about any kind of enhancements (such as AMP) you have made on your site. The three most basic enhancements are;

  • Mobile usability report: Give the information about whether your webpage is mobile responsive or not. If your site is mobile responsive and has no slow loading issue, everything should be green. And any error will appear in the red rectangular box. 

Common issues with mobile usability are;

  • Content text font size is small

  • Content is wider than mobile screen

  • Clickable points are very close that’s why creating difficulties toa use them.

  • The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) report: This is a stripped-down version of the page. It helps the website content to rank higher, as the fast load time provides a much better user experience.

  • Structured data report: It allows you to add some sort of additional information (such as pictures, videos, or star ratings) in Google search results.

Manual actions report: Here you will find if Google has given you any manual penalty or not.

How to set up Google Search Console?

Setting up the process of Google Search Console is pretty easy. On the welcome page, you can log in with your Google credentials. We have compiled a list of how to add your website in Google search console;

  • Sign in to your business Google account. 

  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Click on “Add a property.”


google search console


  • Select Property Type. We recommend to go for URL prefix since it the easy way to verify your website with search console

  • Enter your website URL

search console dashboard

  • Click “Continue.”

  • To verify that you own this website you can choose between these options; HTML file upload, HTML tag, GA tracking code, domain name provider, or GTM container snippet.

google search console verification


To know more about verification method details visit here


  • If the website supports both http:// and https://, then you can add both as separate sites. At this point, you must have to add each domain.

With the brand new Google search console, you will be asked to enter your web address in one of two boxes after signing up. The left-hand box is allotted for the Domain Property, and the right-hand box is allotted for the URL Prefix Property. So, whats these boxes do for you;

Domain Property: Most of the people, while searching through google select the domain property option. So, from this domain property, you will get all the information about how your whole website is working on Google along with further information about subdomains and protocols.

URL Prefix Property: if you want to cover the exact URL format, then you may opt for this option. This option is mainly used to target a specific language mutation over a multilingual website.


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What can Google Search Console do for you?

  1. Search engine visibility enhances:

Whatever effort you are giving in building, your website will not be effective, until people can locate your website in a single click. Google gets aware through the search console that you are online.

  1. To keep your virtual image current and updated:

Google Search Console helps to figure out how to fix coding issues and broken links. It helps to manage the flaws by carrying accurate snapshots of the website.

  1. Optimize keyword to attract more traffic:

How your website is performing depends on how many people are visiting your website. With the help of Google search console, you will get a complete window of keywords and key phrases that people search usually in your domain through a search engine. By getting the knowledge of these keywords you will be able to optimize your website and make it SEO friendly by using some very specific keywords. 

  1. Provide safety from any kind of cyber threats:

Who doesn’t want to grow the online business with ultimate protection from external threats? With the help of the search engine console, you can secure the growth of your business by creating proper defenses against spam and malware.

  1. Make your website well-equipped for AMP compliance:

Today the mobile-friendliness of your site becomes one of the critical search engine ranking parameters. So, you have to make sure that the page loads fast and have user-friendly features on the mobile also. To do so, you can adopt the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) solution, where the search console helps to flag the areas which need further modification.

  1. Make the site more responsive to mobile users:

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of users will not come back to your website, if your website has some glitch or slow loading issue. Google search console gives you alert in regular intervals so that you can take remedial steps and keep your website user friendly.

  1. Backlink analysis

The backlinks are those that link back your page with Google and give an indication of how popular your site is and whether you are worthy to get a citation. Google console gives you a complete overview of which websites are linking to you. And once you get the deeper insight, it helps you to keep motivated and sustain your popularity.

  1.  Helps to keep track with real-time website changes

To find out whether the changes you make on your website influence your google ranking or not can take weeks or months to figure out. With the search console, you can modify, edit your webpage numerous times. 

Final thought:

So, now understanding the benefits of Google search console you can conclude that it is a very useful tool that will guide you to understand the general overview of the on-page SEO aspect and other technical terms related to your page. As you have come to this point in the article, now you have the entire basic understanding of this SEO optimization tool. And now you can implement Google search console on your website to ensure that your business attracts more traffic and grows in tandem.


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