Keyword Research For New Website

How To Do Keyword Research for a New Website

Keywords are the basic foundation of any SEO content. If you are writing content that nobody searches for, then no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get any reasonable traffic from Google.

There are lots of blogs and posts already available on the internet. But if you are new to initiating a website, then it will be hard for you to go through tons of posts and blogs and trying to figure out how to get everything in a perfect place.

That’s why we are compiling every important aspect within a single guide. You will find a complete framework that guides you to adapt your website goals. In simple words, this is a complete guide to do keyword research for SEO that will help your website to get more organic traffic and rank better and finally to make more money.

Before going into further details about keyword ideas, let’s first discuss the basics terms.

What are the keywords?

Keywords are the most used words and phrases that normally people type or search into search engines. These terms are commonly known as “SEO keywords” or search queries.

What is the keyword research?

Keyword research is a process by which one can identify popular words and phrases, which people are commonly used to search for anything through a search engine. This is a core search engine optimization (SEO) process. This fundamental SEO strategy gives you a better understanding to choose high demand topics/keywords for your content. Choosing suitable high-volume search terms gives your content some desirable direction and proper marketing strategy.

What is the purpose of keyword research?

The main purpose of Keyword research is to sort out the average monthly search volume of particular keywords. To bring your page at the search engines’ top pages, it is important to focus on these high volume search keywords.

It is also helpful for Google Adwords or PPC to check the bid rates of the particular keywords used to manage a budget for online advertising through Google or PPC ads.

What do you want to accomplish with enhanced search traffic?

Define your goal first. The main goal of keyword research is not to gain more traffic. Your main goal is to increase your website’s visibility and to increase sales.

More traffic simply means to have more sales. Your main aim should be to increase your earning through the website. Whenever you are initiating an e-commerce website, first define what your sale’s problem is and what you want to solve. That’s the ultimate goal of doing keyword research.

Why is keyword research so important?

Keyword research is the most authentic and effective way to figure out what people are normally searching for and typing through search engines. The main aim is to understand what topic to avoid that no one is interested enough. Most of the website owners make the same mistake. That’s the main reason what around 90.63% of the website almost ends up with zero traffic Google.

Whenever you are doing keyword research it helps you to address the following questions;

  • How hard it will be to get a better rank with a specific keyword?

  • How much traffic will you expect to get with this specific keyword?

  • What kind of content you should create with the specific keyword?

  • Are the people searching for the specific keyword will be your potential customers?

If you have an answer to all these four questions then it will be easy for you to pick up the battles with your new website.

How to get the keyword ideas?

It all starts with a basic understanding of what your niche customer might search to get into your business. Then all you have to do is to combine the entire knowledge with the help of keyword tools to get more keyword ideas.

To start with keyword ideas, one has to follow a few simple steps;

Step 1: Brainstorm ‘seed’ keywords

Step 2: Check what keywords your competitors mainly used to rank for

Step 3: Use keyword research tools

Step 4: study your niche

How to do keyword research? 

We are compiling a keyword research process that can surely help you come up with a list of SEO terms you should be targeting. Following this process, you’ll be able to execute a strong keyword strategy for your new website. And in this way, you will get more related search terms that you care for.

Either you can search manually or choose any keyword research tool (such as to do the keyword research. But in both process you have to follow certain steps;

Sort out relevant topics plus seed keywords: Seed keywords are the basis of the whole keyword research process. Seed keywords define your niche and surely guide you to identify your competitors. Also by placing a single seed keyword in keyword tools one can find at least thousands of more keyword ideas.

Identify the long tail keywords: While doing keyword research you may think that, what we only bother is the most searched keywords. But in reality, the highest hit searches are only a small fraction of all the searches performed through Google. If you only focus on a high search volume, you may end up losing most of your prospective customers.

While setting a keyword strategy, we should not underestimate these less popular keywords. These low search volume keywords are commonly known as long-tail keywords with lower search volume. As sometimes searchers are intentionally being specific with their searches. Let for example, if someone typed a keyword “shoes”; he or she might just be browsing. But if someone searched for a long-tail keyword such as “Best price women shoes under 999” may be practically looking for a product.

Study the niche:  Every step that we have discussed so far is enough to generate an adequate amount of keyword ideas. But to limit your ideas in a specific genre or to keep the process in a box, you have to study your niche in great detail. To do so, you can go through the various industry groups, forums, and Q&A sites. By this, you will get a more idea of what your prospective customers are struggling to get through the keyword tools.

Final Thought:

That’s all you need to know about creating a winning keyword search strategy for your new website. Though it sounds a bit tedious and a time taking job, once done keyword research gives you a handsome reward for the long run.


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